Sep 15, 2010

Kerry's Story

I came into this world on August 29, 1974 in Waukegan, Illinois. My baby picture shows a swollen, purple head so it must have been difficult for my birth mother. What a strong, courageous and loving woman she must have been.

Later that day my parents received a phone call announcing my arrival. They cried, so they say. That evening when they came to see me with my swollen, purple face, my Dad declared me 'beautiful'. We were off to a good start. Five days later they came to bring me home. My three and one-half year old sister, Erin, insisted on stopping in the gift shop to buy her new baby sister a welcome gift. It was a green frisbee. I still have it.

My early childhood was filled with family, friends, and fun. We moved to Denver and added camping, hiking, ice-skating, and skiing to our activities. Then it was a move to Concord, Massachusetts where I was introduced to living history, school books, girl scouts, and gymnastics. Five years later we moved once again, to San Diego, and this time we stayed. I was happy to add boogie boarding and junior life guarding to my days of studies, dance, and more gymnastics.

I attended Santa Fe Christian High School. It was the perfect setting for me with its spiritual focus, small classes, challenging academics, and close knit community.

College brought me to Seattle to study at Seattle Pacific University. It was a time of enormous personal growth for me. I graduated in 1997 with my degree in Early Childhood Education.

I love Seattle with its changes in seasons, outdoor fun, culture, people, and great coffee, so I decided to stay. Besides, my sister was moving there too. I began working as a nanny. In addition, I had an opportunity to work as an assistant to a teacher for 3 and 4 year old children at a very unique and precious preschool. Just what I wanted to do. Today, I am the Director and Head Teacher of that very same school.