Sep 15, 2010

Joe's Story

On November 11,1973 my four older brothers and one sister learned that they had another baby brother. One more sister was added to our brood two years later to complete our family. We had our own built in preschool and playgroup continually learning, playing, and getting into mischief.

For years we lived on a farm, the perfect setting for our active family. There was adventure, games, and chores every day. I was the student in the family, and my love for reading began early. When my four older siblings graduated from high school and went off to begin their careers my parents made the unusual move onto a boat. We lived year round on that boat in the Pacific Northwest.

My high school days were full of sports, getting good grades, and ambition. We moved into a home in the suburbs. I fell into what I thought was love and became intimate with a girl from across the street. My life's plans changed on the day that I learned of Andy's conception. I thank God every day that Andy's mother chose life, as I urged her to do. Additionally she showed courage by continuing and completing her high school education while pregnant. By the time Andy was born it was clear to both of us that to pursue our future in marriage would be a mistake for all involved. We did develop a parenting plan, and I went to work full time for Albertsons. There was no time or money to further my education. Andy came to live with Kerry and me before he entered high school. He is a great son, fine student, and graduated last June. Andy plans on entering the Army soon. We are very proud of him.

Life went on after that. There was lots of work, some play, many friends, and Julie. There was a lot of pressure and sweet Logan was born. Logan is now 13 and lives with his mother just 30 minutes away. He comes to visit us every other weekend and we love spending time with him. Logan plays baseball, soccer, and basketball. We enjoy going to his games and cheering for him.

I have worked for Albertsons now for almost 19 years. I am a store director and oversee 75 employees.

Both Andy and Logan are thrilled and excited to be brothers to a new baby sibling.

My heart was broken for Kerry when we learned we could not conceive. Kerry has the biggest heart and loves children. She deserves to be a mom and will be an amazing mother. I want more then anything to have a little baby with her. I know the joy and happiness they bring and I want Kerry to have that special experience in her life. In our life, together.